The Utopia of Aria

While watching Aria I always found the world quite fascinating. It almost seemed like a planet in heaven. A place where it’s peaceful. A place where everything is beautiful and a place where you can just sit and enjoy the atmosphere. Neo Venezia is the name of the city which is on planet Aqua. As the name suggest it is inspired by Venezia in Italy. I think it is worth to mention that the team of this animation studio actually went to Venezia to take photos and videos.

Sure you can look up photos on the internet but it will never be the same as seeing it in real life. That’s what I call true determination.

They made sure you to take as many notes as possible to give the anime the needed atmosphere which they definitely managed to do. Actually I was also in Venezia last year. There are not many places where I really want to go but Venezia was one of the places I definitely wanted to experience. It was exactly the way I was expecting it to be and I really enjoyed my time there. If anything the biggest problem was how much the city is suffering from the tourists, but I shouldn’t complain about that as I was a tourist myself. This is why it can’t compare Neo Venezia.

Neo Venezia is basically the city only the positive sides. This dream like visuals can’t be achieved with a real places. But anyway I don’t really made this blog to talk about Venezia but about the world in Aria. We often see Akari’s remark about how beautiful the city is. The inconvenience, the slow-moving time. A city made of miracles and I can definitely agree with her. She is not only talking about how beautiful the landscape is but also the people in the city. A city is not beautiful if the people living there are not.

The people in the city enjoy the slow paced days. They have no problems with the inconvenience the water might bring with it. It’s a completly different world. Compared to earth a planet with high technology, cars and a fast moving society it’s the opposite. But why is it so attractive ?

There is not a correct answer to this. But it might be the attraction to a different culture. The attraction to the people in the culture. I’m sure many people would appreciate this experience of meeting the people of this world. Seeing the hardworking people who still somewhat are all familiar with each other. It’s a place where you learn to enjoy every little thing in life and I think this is very important. But can a planet like this even exist ?

To explain this we have to look deeper inside the story of Neo Venezia. In the universe of Aria, planet earth is not the planet it used to be. The blue planet as we know it changed and turned into a looted planet. The water is completely polluted making it even impossible to swim in the ocean. Obviously a planet where the water is so polluted you can’t even swim in it is doomed. It’s not impossible to live there yet but it’s not the blue planet which gave birth to humanity. This is also the reason the planet is called Man-home now.

It’s kinda scary if you think about it because it’s not really that much different than it is now in real life. It reached the point where humanity had to leave Man-home. They were forced to look for a new planet where they can survive. Since the world of Aria is quite advantaged in technology it was possible to leave the planet. Not without sacrifices though. It’s not an easy task to reproduce all the life that once existed on the earth. It’s a task or rather a challenge they had to go through and even if it seems impossible giving up was not an option. The humans got the task to bring life to mars. But humanity is not so weak to be stopped by this. Humanity tried to fill the mars with water. That’s a progress which have been passed from generation to generation with the main motivation being to transform this planet into a world where they can be happy to live in.

Like always humanity grows from generation to generation and get more knowledgeable. They learned to appreciate the things we have in life. The trees, the plants and the water. Something we need to do too actually. But it always takes us so long to realize until it becomes a dangerous problem.

If you think about it turning the mars into a planet filled with water is a crazy idea. The mars is a complelty lifeless planet with a dry surface but the humans didn’t gave up motivated by the belief of a wonderful planet. Since the humans actually experienced the loss of a planet the motivation did not come out of nowhere.

2300 AD after 150 years of terraforming they did it. Here we have Akari standing on Mars and seeing probably humanity greatest creation. Mars became Aqua. An ocean planet. A planet made by humanity. A planet which was made by the hands of people who believed in the possibility of a new world where they can live in.

“Aqua is a hand-made planet. It’s a planet made with the hands, sweat and feelings of countless people.”

Here we actually have the perfect world. A world created by humanity together. The Utopia. This might be the closest thing to a real dream world. A dream world which actually is achievable and possible. If it this happens in our real world though, is something our generation won’t experience.


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